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Confirmation is an act of the Holy Spirit. Confirmation is a means of grace.  Through Confirmation, we renew the covenant made at our baptism. By participating in the Confirmation experience, we are further formed in our Christian identity. 

Through Confirmation, we focus on our discipleship—becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ by affirming and witnessing our own faith. 

Confirmation gives us the opportunity to claim our faith as our own. We have been nurtured by our parents, mentors, and the whole church so that we are now mature enough to accept God’s grace for ourselves, and commit ourselves to being a disciple of Christ Jesus. 

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Confirmation Class Session Schedule 

& Important Dates

September 2021 

26– Orientation for Parents and Students- 2:00-3:15pm. 

October 2021 

3– Class Session 

17– Class Session 

November 2021 

7– Class Session 

21– Class Session 

December 2021 

5– Class Session 

12– Class Session

January 2022

9– Class Session 

23– Class Session 

February 2022

6– Class Session

20– Class Session

February 25-27th – at Camp Chestnut Ridge

March 2022

6– Class Session

20– Class Session

April 2022 “Confirmation Conversations”

23– Confirmation Celebration and Rehearsal , 6:30pm

24– Confirmation Sunday- 11:15 service

*Confirmation teaching will be shared by Pastor Duke, Pastor Alan, Gretchen, and Jen


Confirmation is one of the first significant moments in which the youth affirm the faith into which they were baptized. The youth stand before the congregation and state their own faith in Jesus Christ. The words are important. The young people affirm the faith—but it is not something they have invented on their own. It is the faith of the church. The ritual begins with the renunciation of all that is evil, the profession of faith, and loyalty to Jesus Christ. 

If the youth were baptized as infants, their words were said for them by their parents during that service. The youth now say these words on their own behalf, stating before the congregation that they repent of their sin, will resist evil, and confess Jesus Christ as their savior and promise to serve Christ. If a young person was not baptized as an infant, he or she takes the vows for the first time, stating these beliefs for himself or herself. 

-From Credo Confirmation Curriculum 


Model acceptance and openness As you do so, you will be told more about what actually goes on in the world of young people. 

Talk about feelings Help your youth define their feelings. Boys and girls of this age know that they have feelings but struggle to know what these emotions mean. You can provide examples of how to show acceptance, understanding, and caring in socially acceptable ways. 

Listen often Adults like to talk and have others listen to them. But perhaps we’ve done more talking that listening with young people. Preteens and teens are eager for adults who listen to them and show that they care. 

State your own beliefs As we listen to our youth, they still need to hear from us what we believe in and how we strive to live as disciples of Jesus Christ. Tell them about your journey of faith. 

Be prepared for deep emotion and deep convictions For many youth, this is the time when something strikes them for the first time as deeply unfair. They are then ready to fight to right these injustices, but they need help in making good decisions and exploring the best ways to make a difference. 

Worship together Research studies have shown that children and youth who worship with their parents on a regular basis are more likely to maintain a connection with a church community and continue to grow in faith into adulthood. This might be the most important thing you can do to influence your student’s faith. 

Pray together Yes, it can be awkward at first, but praying together as a family wonderful way to reinforce your beliefs and consistently communicate where you put your trust. 

Help others A family mission project, regardless of size or duration, puts your words and faith into action. If seeing is believing, what can be more effective in forming your child’s faith than responding to God’s love together as you serve. 

What Can You Expect? 

Confirmation Class Sessions Alternating Sunday afternoons from 2:00-3:15 in the Youth Building. Class sessions will be led by Youth Ministry Staff, and NRUMC Pastors.

Confirmation Retreat February 25-27 at Camp Chesnut Ridge. The Foundation for Christian Formation provides all programming. The retreat is an important time for building community, and attendance is mandatory. If your student is anxious being away from home, we encourage you to attend as a chaperone. If you anticipate schedule conflicts, please mark your calendar now in order to make the retreat a priority. 

Monthly Mentor Meetings A trusted adult chosen and invited by the parents will schedule and conduct regular meetings with the Confirmand for conversation and prayer. Mentors are also invited to attend specific class sessions with their student. These classes are October 3, January 9, and March 6. If you need help finding a mentor, let us know! 

Confirmation Conversations In early April, students and parents will meet for 30 minutes with one of our pastors, by appointment, to review the highlights of their journey and to make a decision about whether they are prepared to confirm their faith. Parents will be able to schedule a meeting time that best accommodates their calendar. 

Confirmation Celebration and Rehearsal On Saturday, April 23, you are invited to attend a fun celebration in honor of our Confirmands! We will celebrate their hard work and the wonderful work God has done and will continue to do in their lives. Rehearsal will begin promptly at 6:30pm in the Sanctuary and the celebration will follow in the Fellowship Hall. 

Confirmation Sunday On Sunday April 24, 2022 each Confirmand who chooses to do so will confirm his or her baptism surrounded and supported by our NRUMC community of faith. (11:15 service) 


Confirmation mentors are not members of the teaching team, though their participation in the process fulfills a vital role in the Christian formation of your youth. Mentors are asked to “partner with a youth as he or she explores his or her faith.” Though they may be faithful Christians and even life-long United Methodists, they aren’t expected to be experts. 

When asking someone to be your youth’s Confirmation Mentor, you are asking them to be in constant prayer for your young person, you are asking them to partner with your child in the journey, and most importantly, you are asking them to be in conversation with your child. 

Asking someone to mentor your youth can seem daunting. It helps that the person you ask already has a relationship with your youth, however, it is perfectly acceptable to ask a member of the church you don’t know. NRUMC is full of disciples who have guided their own children through Confirmation and understand the importance of mentorships. If you need recommendations or suggestions for potential mentors, please let us know so we can find you someone . 

During mentor meetings, or ’check-ins’ ,which should take place where Safe Sanctuaries requirements can be met (see link below), your youth’s Confirmation Mentor will ask questions about the experience, pray for your youth, and ask if there are additional ways they can contribute to the Confirmation experience. 

More information about our Safe Sanctuaries policy can be found by clicking here.

A Confirmation Mentor: 

~ Prays for their youth 

~ Asks questions about their lives, their faith journey, and their own expectations for the Confirmation experience. 

~ Listens to the youth as they discuss their thoughts and feelings about their faith—supporting their questions with love. 

~ Encourages youth in their relationships with God, parents, and their faith community during their Confirmation journey. 

~ Supports the teachings and beliefs of the United Methodist Church, though they may not be a member. 

~ Meets regularly with youth to offer prayer and support in a manner that observes NRUMC Safe Sanctuaries policy. (We suggest meeting once a month.) 

~ Attends the following class sessions with their student: October 3, January 9, March 6.

Be sure to share this information, especially dates, with your youth’s mentor when you ask them. 


Who? Confirmands, parents, family members, and mentors 

What ? A gathering for the NRUMC faith community to celebrate God’s amazing work in the lives of your children 

When? April 23, 2022 from 6:30-8:00pm 

Where? Sanctuary (Rehearsal at 6:30) and Fellowship Hall (Dessert Social, slide show, and celebration) 

How? More information will be provided in advance. RSVP required for all attendees. 


Who? Parents, Confirmands, immediate family, extended family, and friends! 

What? A worship service during which Confirmands reaffirm their faith, renew the covenant declared at their baptism, acknowledge the work of God in their lives, and affirm their commitment to Christ’s holy Church. Usually includes joining NRUMC. Can include sacrament of Baptism, for those not yet baptized. (Please let us know.) 

When? April 24, 2022 at 11:15 am (Parents & Confirmands are asked to arrive at 10:50am and meet in the Fellowship Hall for check in and instructions) 

Where? NRUMC Sanctuary 

How? Boys: White dress shirt, dark slacks, and tie are recommended, but not mandatory. 

Girls: White is recommended, but not mandatory. 

We will hand out the stoles that were made during the Confirmation Retreat prior to the service. 

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