Last week I met someone who could not hide her disappointment in me upon learning I have two cats. For you see, she is a dog person. So, for her, cat people are excluded.

So, with this little interaction in mind, I want to tell you that my plan for the video was to talk about what you will find when you visit our campus…

That you would  find authentic worship, programs for everyone from cradle to grave, soaring music, a contemporary music space bedecked with beautiful banners, a sanctuary with breathtaking stained glass…

But after that brief conversation, I decided to tell you what you will NOT find when you come on our campus…

You will not find people who will exclude you if your journey of faith differs from theirs.

You will not find people who think God’s love is just for us.

In our congregation you will not find people who will condemn you for mistakes made on your journey, because we are all too aware of mistakes we have made on ours.

At our church you  will not find people who are all the same. Why, in our worshiping congregation we have people who visit in prisons and people who have been sentenced to prison.

At our church, you will not find people who think we are anything but imperfect followers.

So I invite you to come to North Raleigh United Methodist Church and see what you will not find.

And of course for  what you will find: a place to worship, a community to welcome you, and the unconditional love of Christ to embrace you. 

–Eric Lindblade