Global Missions

Members at NRUMC have been traveling internationally on mission trips since 2003. Our youth have been to Uganda and Haiti, but most of our global mission efforts have been directed consistently toward Peru and Mexico.


NRUMC made their first trip in mission to Peru in 2007. The mission centers on support for the Methodist Church in Peru (IMP). It is based on a covenant relationship between the NC Methodist Conference and the IMP established in 1990. Initially, the relationship was based on Christian education, spiritual support, and prayer support.

We have made 6 trips, including in 2007, and they have been based on the principles established in the Covenant but are now extended to helping build and repair local church facilities, participating in children’s feeding programs and bible school, and general support for the local churches and their programs.

Our trips have been to Lima, and to the Andes and Amazon regions of the country. They typically last 10 days to 2 weeks and, along with our visits and work with local churches, include visits to historic locations such as Machu Picchu that give us a perspective about Peruvian history and culture.

We plan our trips for every other year. The trips are open to adults and youth, rising sophomores in high school and up. We are blessed to have Peruvian friends in ministry that guide us as to the needs of the local churches and the places we might go each trip. Safety and health issues are of utmost concern for those guiding us.

If you are interested in Peru missions, email Jay Mackie or Allison Nunnery. Also, searching international missions on the NCCUMC website will provide more insight into the conference involvement in Peru missions and in Christian education exchange.


NRUMC has been in mission in Mexico since 2003. The connection is with Faith Ministry in McAllen, Texas. The ministry was started by a Mexican American business man with retail stores in Texas. He recognized a need for affordable housing and medical care needs for people migrating to the border. He sold his business interests and founded Faith Ministry. The ministry is faith-based and centers in churches and first-line medical clinics along the border. The barrios (colonias in local language) are where people leaving bad living conditions in other areas of Mexico migrate hoping for a better life for their families. The ministry builds 12′ x 24′ concrete houses for families who contribute 8 months of labor for others who have been approved for houses. They also provide first-line medical care in the communities they serve and feeding programs for the children. To date we have financed and built 25 houses for people in need and provided labor for another 15 houses. In addition, we have sent a medical team to help in the clinic, helped support vocational programs, supported children with scholarships for school and provided funds for Christmas season programs that provide gifts for children and funding for food during the holidays. If you are interested in more information, please email Jay Mackie or Julie Bass. For more information about Faith Ministry go to

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