Learning About Racial Injustice


As we seek to live our baptismal vows to renounce the spiritual forces of wickedness and resist evil, injustice, and oppression, North Raleigh encourages members and friends to learn more about the stain of racism and how they may engage in anti-racism work in the future. The following resources provide a good starting point. We also encourage you to listen to the new Reflections on Race podcast produced by our pastoral team. 


New Podcast from The United Methodist Church

The Religion and Race Comission has started a new podcast titled, “Expanding the Table.” Each podcast will feature a conversation with people that are leading important community work. Join us as we navigate how to live out our faith in both church and society. To learn more about the podcast, click here to read the letter from the commission. If you would like to listen to the podcast, it is available here



Click Here for a document that includes many resources for talking to your children and youth about race.



As we grow together and seek to be closer to God and closer to one another, prayer is a central part to this journey. Please pray with us and receive these prayers written for this purpose. If you have a prayer you would like to add, please email our Director of Communications, Jennifer Gedeon, at creative@nrumc.org.

My Lord, My Savior,


I cry out. We cry out.

Where we thought change had come, we find there is no change.

Where we thought we loved our brothers and sisters,

We find there is still hate;


I pray, Holy Spirit – Come!

Come to us, come to me

That we/I might better understand,

How we/l can make a change.

Use us, use me to be an instrument of your peace and glory.


Bring forth the winds of change,

The wafting breeze of love, the scent of serenity,

The desire to create everlasting harmony among your people.

Heal our despair, tend to our wounds of sorrow and tears of sadness.

Mend our evil ways, oh Lord, we pray.


Forgive us, Dear Father. 

We have sinned against you,

And sinned against all of humanity.

Let your light shine on us, like the noonday sun.

Put a spotlight on our blindness to our brothers’ and sisters’ plight.


It is you Lord, that will give us hope.

It is you Lord, that can push back the walls of hate.

It is you Lord, that can change our hearts.

We place our trust in you, oh my Lord!

All power and glory to you!  All grace and peace from you!


Hallelujah!  Amen.

Shared by Janet Striegel

We invite you to click here and continue in a spirit of prayer as you read more prayers about racial injustice.  


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