As we seek to live our baptismal vows to renounce the spiritual forces of wickedness and resist evil, injustice, and oppression, North Raleigh encourages members and friends to learn more about what the Bible says, stances of the UMC, and what North Raleigh and the UMC are doing to address social justice issues. To get started, we suggest, “The Little Book of Biblical Justice,” and exploring some of the links below.

To learn more about the Social Justice Committee, watch the introduction video on this page.

Little Book of Biblical Justice

Chris Marshall writes, “the Bible has had a profound impact on the development of Western culture. So exploring biblical perspectives on justice can help us appreciate some of the convictions and values that have helped shape Western political and judicial thought.”

Current Book of Discipline

The United Methodist Church is governed by an elected group that typically meets every four years to vote on our governing document. Our most recent Book of Discipline is from 2016 as the 2020 General Conference was postponed and later cancelled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

NEW Proposed Social Principles

The initial draft of the revised Social Principles was developed by six writing teams, whose members reflected the broad diversity of the larger United Methodist church. 

Core Values

Consistent with the core organizational values of North Raleigh United Methodist
Church, the Social Justice Committee will be guided by three values:
                1. Shalom (wholeness)
                2. Equity
                3. Relationship

Core Tasks

? Education—The Social Justice Committee will strive to highlight and promote the
Social Principles and the Book of Resolutions of the UMC to the members of
North Raleigh UMC to inform and guide the congregation.

? Advocacy—The Social Justice Committee will identify appropriate issues and
recommend strategies to address those issues in a way that mobilizes church
members to live their Christian faith.

? Training—The Social Justice Committee will devise and coordinate training for
church members who desire to be involved in advocacy and other social justice

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