Mosaic Heart Spiritual Direction

Life is like a mosaic. It is made up of tiny pieces which sometimes make little sense in and of themselves. We are often given these pieces to hold and examine, but lacking vision, may be unable to see how they fit with one another. It is only when we take time, pull back, and hone our eyesight, that we can glimpse how all the pieces fit together.

God is the mysterious mosaic artist. He alone is the Creator and Crafter of our hearts. He alone knows how all the pieces fit together into an incomparable work of art. Come and take time apart. Learn to be still in the quiet of your own soul.  Begin to hear the voice of God speaking into your life…

What is spiritual direction?

Life is a journey. Oftentimes there is more mystery than there is certainty. Perhaps you have questions. Perhaps you wonder about God’s presence in your life. Perhaps you long for a deeper relationship with this Divine Being. If so, you may be one who is ready to explore the ministry of spiritual direction.

Recognizing that our lives are formed in many ways, the heart of spiritual direction is a prayerful relationship in which one person supports, encourages, and assists another to notice, to become aware of how God is present and moving through the nuances of their daily life.

The purpose of spiritual direction is to prayerfully discover how to

  • pay attention (self awareness)
  • to God’s personal communication (God-awareness)
  • and to live in response to this relationship by growing in love of God, others and self

Spiritual direction encourages a life-giving rhythm as a follower of Christ by assisting in the integration of spiritual practices, community life,  and service to others.

Why spiritual direction?

If you are facing questions or concerns like these:

  • How do I grow in my relationship with God?
  • Why does God seem so distant?
  • How do I sense God’s presence?
  • Where is God in my day to day life?
  • I don’t feel like I know how to really pray
  • Where is God when people suffer?
  • Is God more judging or loving?
  • How do I discern God’s love for me?
  • What are my gifts and how can I serve others?

Or if you just desire personal spiritual growth and accountability, then spiritual direction may be for you.

Who are spiritual directors?

Spiritual Directors are persons who have received training in:

  • Spiritual formation
  • Theological education
  • Psychological development
  • Spiritual direction skills

How do I find a spiritual director?

Mosaic Heart Spiritual Direction is a practice offering individual and group spiritual direction to members of this congregation and the community. This ministry is offered by Melissa Auten, a trained spiritual director, small group facilitator, worship leader, and member of this congregation since 2003. Melissa is a 2015 graduate of the Summer Institute for Spiritual Formation at Eastern Mennonite Seminary, and a 2017 graduate of The Rohr Living School. She is a member of Spiritual Directors International. For more information about Mosaic Heart Spiritual Direction, contemplative practices, or ways to experience a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with God, please email Melissa or call her at 919-810-8593. 

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