This Week's Prayer Concerns

Gordon Bell

Becky Hauser

Bob McKeithan

Robert Morrison

Ann Murray

Bill Sain

Martha Taylor

Ray Taylor


Lou Brewer and Sam Brewer, in the death of their husband and father, Robin Brewer.

Dave Roberts, in the death of his uncle, Jimmy.

Judy Sanderson, in the death of her brother, Dan Biggs.

Friends and family of Rev. Charles Pollock.

Our Military

(A-Army, ANG-Army National Guard, AF-Air Force, N-Navy, M-Marines, C-Coast Guard

Robinson Carroll (NG)

Chase Groom (C)

Richard Larter (N)

Jack DeLuc (NG)

Robert Main (A)

Patrick Mooneyham (AF)

Lee Osburn (M)

Logan Osburn (A)

Matthew Timper (N)

John Webb (A)