This Week’s Prayer Concerns

Judy Benda

Kali Blaine

Sandy Crutchfield

Wanda Dixon

Kathryn Eyster

Susan Hales

Sandy Haupt

Clara Hopper

Dick Hucke

Doris Kopf

Sandy Leppart

Bob McKeithan

Robert Morrison

Phyllis Morse

Charlotte Nichol

Allison Nunnery

Bob Powell

Alison Price

Margaret Price

Sarah Reeves

Kelly Schoch

Gail Scruggs

Jane Spruill

Janet Striegel

Trish Stutts

Martha Taylor

Ray Taylor


Friends and family of Joyce Costner.

Friends and family of Donna DiFilippo.

Friends and family of Karen Moss.

Our Military

(A-Army, ANG-Army National Guard, AF-Air Force, N-Navy, M-Marines, C-Coast Guard)

Kevin Bailey (ANG)

Robinson Carroll (ANG)

Brian (Cody) Dixon (A)

Jared Frederick (AF)

Chase Groom (C)

Richard Larter (N)

Robert Main (A)

Patrick Mooneyham (AF)

Lee Osburn (M)

Logan Osburn (A)

CJ Peacock (N)

Keegan Timmons (M)

Matthew Timper (N)

John Webb (A)

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