Click Here to Read Our Regathering Guidelines (Updated March 2021)

We have put together phased guidelines with color coded stages. Using key indicators, this document provides a guide for opening various parts of the church campus. We encourage you to read through the guidelines, and reach out with any questions you may have.

Join Pastor Duke and Pastor Alan as they discuss our progress on being able to regather soon. Our outdoor worship services have begun and we hope to move to indoor services in May. In the meantime, we have increased our outdoor gathering capacity to 100.  If you would like to connect, we invite you to email Lisa at and let her know your interests and we can get you connected to the right group. The church is never closed as we are all still the church in the world, but we are happy to be able to offer meetings both outside and inside the church campus for small groups. Watch the full video to learn more and email Elizabeth Lebria at to schedule an indoor space for your small group or click  here to reserve the large room in the youth building.