The Resurrection Window

resurrection windowThe Resurrection

Death claimed The Body of JESUS, but death was not strong enough to hold it. Early on Sunday morning, something wonderful happened! Life came back to that lifeless form within the tomb. Not a weak tortured shell of a body, but a glorious, renewed resurrection body which was powerful, spiritual and eternal.

“HE is not here! HE is risen!” ~ Luke: 24 said the shining Angels that stood by, to the women who brought spices to anoint the body. The women hurried to tell the eleven Apostles the amazing news.

The bodily resurrection of CHRIST is the most important event in human history.

JESUS’ entire ministry, of suffering and the cruel death, was dependent on HIS resurrection for confirmation and validation. Lilies, morning glories, butterflies and sunrise, are all symbols of The Resurrection of CHRIST.

The central scene of the east windows shows that intimate moment when after Mary Magdalene had come to anoint The Body of JESUS, the tomb was found empty. She speaks to someone she thinks is the gardener, but JESUS reveals HIMSELF to her by speaking her name, “Mary”. Joy and wonder overwhelmed her.

Just behind Mary, we can see a shield, a helmet and a spear, left behind by the fleeing soldiers in fear of the awesome event which had taken place in early morning. There are three crosses against a horizon that bends down and an earth that bends up, between heaven and earth. CHRIST stands as the mediator between GOD and man.

The same day, after these initial events of The Resurrection, two disciples were on the road to Emmaus and talking about all the recent miraculous events that had come to pass.

While they walked, JESUS, HIMSELF, came up and walked along with them, but they were kept from recognizing HIM. JESUS asks them what they were discussing and they begin to tell HIM about a prophet; powerful in word and deed, who was crucified. They went on to say that they hoped that HE was the one to redeem Israel and that the women had claimed to have seen HIM alive.

Then JESUS began to expound on all of the Scripture to tell them concerning HIMSELF. The disciples compelled HIM to stay with them as they entered the village and in the breaking of bread. The disciples recognized HIM and then HE disappeared from their sight.

The two disciples go immediately back to Jerusalem and found the eleven assembled and while they were talking about this JESUS, HIMSELF, stood among them and said “Peace be with you”.

HE showed them HIS hands and feet and HE ate in their presence and HE told them “all things have been fulfilled that is written in the Law of Moses, the Prophets and the Psalms” concerning HIM, and HE opened their minds to understand the Scripture.


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