I am grateful to say that I am a fifth generation Methodist. I first learned the stories of the faith in my home and as I went to church with my parents at the Allapattah UMC in Miami, Florida. I was educated in a United Methodist college and seminary. Funds provided by fellow Methodists provided me with scholarships and loans. And, I like to think I have been taught what it means to be effective pastor from the witness and faithfulness of some of the finest UM congregations throughout eastern NC for the past 32 years.

When going before the Board of Ordained Ministry for ordination, I was asked, “Why Are You a Methodist?” At first, I thought it was some kind of trick question, but then I offer the only answer I had…”It’s because that’s all I know how to be.”

So much of: Who I Am, How I Look at Life and the World, and How I Regard My Relationships come from my rearing as a United Methodist.

I am excited to host, along with our Parish Administrator, Jo Hardy, a 10-day Wesley Heritage Trip on May 10-18, 2016. This trip will take us to London, England, Oxford, Birmingham, The Cotswolds, and other places significant to our Methodist history surrounding the life of John and Charles Wesley, founders of Methodism.

The history surrounding the life and ministry of the Wesley Brothers is fascinating and so much will come alive on this tour. During his ministry, John rode over 250,000 miles on horseback; preached over 40,000 sermons; even started clinics for the poor. Likewise, Charles Wesley wrote over 6500 hymns and many of those hymns are still in hymnals the world over today.

I love the idea of sharing this wonderful, historic story with the North Raleigh Church family, and if you are watching this video from another church and would be interested in making this journey with us, we’d love to have you. Simply give us a call here at the church and we’ll be glad to share information about the trip.

Methodists are known as the “people of a warmed heart.” I invite you to join us as we experience theo the lives of those who started this movement called Methodist which grew into a strong and vital church today.

And I invite you to join us this Sunday as we celebrate our faith here at North Raleigh. Come and let your heart be warmed as we encounter a Living God and seek to grow a faith that matters!

–Susan C. Lindblade