Wheels 4 Hope

A New Home for Your Used Car

Is it time your used car found a new home? Consider donating it to Wheels4Hope. Donated cars are repaired by volunteers and placed back into our community by referral through great community agencies like StepUp Ministry, Raleigh Rescue Mission, Interact, Habitat for Humanity, the Red Cross and others.

What does a new home for your used car mean?

  • It means that a single mom, domestic violence victim, can spend hours each day with her two young children rather than waiting for and riding the bus.
  • It means that a man, homeless last winter, can hold a job and bring stability to a life that was in ruins.
  • It means a woman, who lost her home and car in a fire, can begin to rebuild her life from the ashes.

Cars Change Lives!

Hundreds of families in our community are facing hard times, but without reliable transportation, they will struggle to find work, stay employed, go to school, and care for their children.

Your used car (in any condition) will help change lives.  And, donating your car to Wheels4Hope provides you with a great tax advantage (learn more on-line).

To learn how your used car can find a new home or about volunteering at Wheels4Hope, go to www.wheels4hope.org or call 919-832-1941.

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