Mission Statement

Encouraging People on their Journey to Discover Extraordinary Life in Christ.

Our Mission Statement is unchanged! We are all on the path of discovery. Jesus is forever calling us to new life, extraordinary life. We commit to taking this journey together!


Our Vision Statement

We glorify God and make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world by offering a safe and caring environment for anyone who is searching to be spiritually fulfilled and accepted.

Please note the italic text in our Vision Statement. This aligns our vision with the United Methodist Church. Making Disciples of Jesus Christ is our marching order. This call of Jesus from Matthew 28 will be our North Star.


Our Core Values

We asked our members through written and online polling to lift up the core values they felt would lead us into God’s Future. “Faith” was the number one value lifted up. The Church Council decided that our Core Values come out of our life together as a community. Therefore, we introduce our Core Values as a people of faith!

We felt guided to place our Core Values under two headings. The first heading, “Our Heritage,” are the top values our members voted on. These are values we are already living into, and we seek to continue to minister out of these strengths. Our Heritage is exemplified in Grace, Compassion, and Generosity.

The second heading titled “Our Growing Edges” are values the Church Council feels are needed to move into God’s future. Our prayer is that an emphasis on these values allows us to more faithfully reach out into the community to make disciples.


As a Community of Faith, Our Core Values are:

Our Heritage:

  • Grace: God’s unearned love is always at work in our lives, going before us, redeeming us, and continually shaping us in Christ’s likeness. We seek to embrace grace and impart it to one another.
  • Compassion: As God suffers with us, we, too, are called to deeply engage and even suffer with one another and our broken world.
  • Generosity: All of life is a gracious outpouring from our God who invites us to live reflectively of this divine love, pouring ourselves generously into each other and our world.

Our Growing Edges:

  • Authenticity: Aligning our words and actions with God’s perfect love;
  • Inclusivity: We welcome all who seek to know Christ and provide a place to belong, serve, grow, and encounter our living God.
  • Courage: With openness and boldness of faith, we embody Jesus’ prayer as he contemplated the cross, “Not my will, but yours [God’s] be done.”

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