Yard Angels at North Raleigh UMC

Celebrating 20 Years of Yard Angels

2023 is the 20th anniversary of the Yard Angel Display here at North Raleigh UMC!  We give thanks for the thousands of people in North Raleigh who have fallen in love with this Christmas tradition.  

Every year we've seen this tradition grow - it started with just under 100 angels in the first year and now is over 300 that have been created.  

How did the "Angel Church" in Raleigh get started?

Years ago, Sue Ellen moved to Raleigh from Virginia and joined NRUMC  Her parents' church there had this tradition, she had the idea to start it here!  Over the years, over 300 angels have been created in honor or memory of someone.   Volunteers of all ages come from the church and community to help make the display possible.

Each angel holds a special meaning, especially to those who have lost loved ones and find the holidays to be a difficult time. They often find comfort in the angels by dedicating one to their lost friend or family member and visit it during Christmas time. The tradition can be a very important part of the healing process for some members of the community. It is a subtle, yet powerful message that angels of our loved ones are always with us.

Angel Inscriptions

John & Mandi Adams, in honor of Justin, Dylan & Avery Adams.

Tony & Laura Adams, in memory of Sherilyn Annette Adams.

Sue Allen, in celebration of the Stanley “Rod” Allen family.

Jim & Kathy Aspenwall, in honor of Laurel and Sam Caplan.

Her daughters, in honor of Jennie Barringer.

David & Julie Bass, in celebration of their family.

Wilben Bass, in memory of Betty Bass.

The Bell Family

Johnny & Charlene Binkley, in honor of their grandchildren,

Jensen & Reagan Emerline and Charlie & Cate-Hill Binkley.

Beth & Jeb Black, in memory of Jim Wilson.

The Bledsoe family and Bonnie Palermo, in memory of Michael Palermo. Live, Love, Sing.

Laurie T. Blizzard, in memory of Marguerite MacIntyre and Raymond Green; in memory of Ruth Blizzard Sharp; and in memory of Elva Allen Green.

Alex, Julie, Kate & Caroline Bloom, in memory of Julianna “Anna” Castle

Ed & Doris Brannock, in honor of Jason Brannock.

Bob & Jennifer Brauer, in honor of the Brauer family.

Ed & Brenda Bridenbaugh, in celebration of their family.

Margie Britt, in memory of Dickie Britt.

Alan & Jan Brown, in honor of Cliff Wilcoxen.

Doug & Jill Brown, in honor of the Brown family.

Dale, Kristina, Quin & Evie Brunelle, in memory of Terry Anderon; in memory of

Anne & Lawrence Brunelle; and in memory of Beatrix Haines Auger & Ivy I. Brown.

Kristina & Dale Brunelle, in honor of Quin and Evie Brunelle.

Jay & Nancy Camp, in honor of their grandsons, Collin & Hunter Camp.

Wayne & Gail Cannady, in honor of their grandchildren.

Bobbie Carney & family, in memory of Ron Carney.

The Celebration Sunday School Class

Cherub Choir, in memory of a little cherub, Sam Hopper.

Rosa Chrismon, in celebration of her family.

Scott & Tammy Cissel family, in memory of Peggy “Meme” Glass.

Annie Clark, in memory of Benjamin Tilton Clark.

Beth Clark, in memory of Madge Canter and James & Kitty Clark.

Russ Condrey, in memory of BC & Vicky Clayton.

John & Cathy Cotner, in memory of John C. Cotner and Harry & Velna Rose.

Rich & Cheryl Cottle, in celebration of their family; and in loving memory of Thais “T” Pickett.

The Petty family, in memory of Eva Cowherd & Martha Isley.

Floyd & Pam Critoria, in honor of the Critoria family.

Dow & Jason Crowder, in honor of Lillian Crowder.

Hunter & Liz Crute, in celebration of their family.

Helen S. Culbertson, in celebration of her family.

Matt & Amanda Culp, in memory of Helen Dowless. 

His loving wife, Claudine Davis, in memory of Robert J. Davis. 2014.

Jason & Heather Davis, in honor of Brooke, Jordan, and Noah Davis.

The Davis family, in memory of Karlotta.

Sandra & Noelle DeFelice, in memory of Mair Morgan. We love and miss you every day.

The DeVries family, in memory of Diddie Hedrick.

The Dickerson family, in honor of George Dickerson;

and in memory of Hannah Dickerson and Mr. & Mrs. W. T. Ham, Sr.

The Dickerson family, in memory of Debbie Dickerson.

Sharon Dickerson, in honor of the Chancel Choir.

Julie & Madilyn Dillard, in loving memory of Elizabeth Ann Bernocco. We love you!; and in loving memory of  “Joe, Dad, Pop-Pop!” We love and miss you.

Jay B. Dixon, Jr., in honor of his granddaughter, Sloan E. Arnold; and in honor of his grandson, Brooks A. Arnold

Keith & Wanda Dixon, in memory of Brian Dixon.

Keith & Wanda Dixon, Pat Westfall, and Tom Cowherd, in memory of Dave Westfall.

Jim & Dee Dorsey, in celebration of their family.

Alice & Ambrose Dudley, in honor of Emily, Hannah, Grace & Abigail Dudley.

Alice Dudley, in memory of Ambrose Dudley.

Jon & Emily Duncan, in celebration of Laney & Lexie Duncan; and in honor of Chase Duncan.

The Eagle family, in memory of Herb & Peg Schulten.

Arlene Eckert, in memory of Alan Eckert.

In honor of Rick & Sherry Eddins’ grandchildren.

Rick & Patricia Emerick, in celebration of their family.

Gary & Nancy Faltinowski, in memory of Jennifer Atwell.

Robyn, Rusty, Morgan and Marston, in memory of Hazellien Morgan Fannon, loving grandmother.

Richard & Mary Alice Farrell, in memory of Vincent J. Reilly, Jr.

Diane Fary, in memory of Frank Fary, Sr.

Laurie Fasano, in memory of Patsy J. Norton.

The Fellowship Sunday School Class, in celebration of their Sunday school class.

Her loving family – Jessica, Harrison, Greg, Shanon and Sam, in memory of Penny Fischer.

Patrick & Melanie Fogleman, in memory of William Warren.

The Fogleman family, in memory of Cleveland Fogleman.

Pat & Patsie Ford, in honor of their children and grandchildren; and in memory of

Mr. & Mrs. P. A. Ford, Sr.  and Mr. & Mrs. H. E. Novinger.

Patsie Ford, our children and grandchildren, in memory of God’s gift to me. Our Gift to God. Kate & James Marvin, Annabelle, Maya Grace & Jamie

Christine Forman, in memory of Irene Schenk, My mom, Our Oma. We miss you.

Lorrie, Jami, Karen, Debbie and Cindy, in memory of Gale Foster.

Angelia Freeman, in memory of Robert C. Freeman. (not shown since 2014)

Friends at North Ridge Country Club, in memory of Chuck Barnewolt.

Wayne & Sharon Gaudette, in memory of Ruby Heath.

Michael J. Glasgow, in honor of his parents, Larry & Valerie Glasgow.

Martha Gravely, in celebration of the Gravely and Lanning families.

Mary, Chessie and Cece Green, in memory of Charles M. Green.

Matt, Hope, Sam and Eleanor Greene, in memory of Francis Livengood and M.L. Ledford.

Mike Groom & family, in memory of Grandma Trudy.

The Hales family, in honor of Bill & Kelly Fleming.

The Hales family, in honor of Tom & Elva Ann Hales.

Jimmy Harper, Erin & Dan Bergeron, and Lisa & Scott Mallaree, in memory of Sandra Ridoutt Harper.

Barbara Harris, in memory of Mariah Harris.

Pam Hartigan, in memory of Laura R. Havener.

His children, Pam, Charlie, Henry & Walt, in memory of “Pen” Pendleton Havener.

Richard, Sharleen, & Kylie Hathaway, in memory of

Flossie, Donald and Todd Hathaway; and Ellen & Harold Hoskins.

Mike & Anne Hawkins, in honor of Gavin Cole Hawkins; and in honor of Canden Thomas Hawkins and Emilie Layne Hawkins.

Peggy Hawkins and Karin, Shawn, Hayden and Jackson Reed, in memory of Dick Hawkins.

Peggy & Randy Hedrick, in honor of the Scott Hedrick Family and the David Hedrick Family.

Peggy & Randy Hedrick, in memory of Mom & Dad Hedrick and Mom & Dad Copeland.

Dawn Henderson, in honor of Spencer Grey Shovelin.

Quenton & Luanne Hill, in celebration of their family.

Dale Hinkle, in celebration of the Hinkle and Smith families.

Amber Hitchcock, in memory of Dorothy Berry; and in honor of Arlene Hitchcock.

Rob, Cindy & Nicholas Holeman, in memory of the Holemans and Shumakers.

Paul Holly, in celebration of his family.

Roger & Mary Scott Honbarrier, in celebration of their family; in memory of Virginia Lea & John Jethro Ferebee; in memory of Robert Lee Honbarrier; in honor of Ryan John

“Jack” Rimmele; in honor of Gray Roger Rimmele; in honor of Rowan Lynn Rimmele; and in honor of Boaz “Bo” Hudson Rimmele.

Jennifer, Rob, & Sophia Hopper and Bella, in memory of Samuel Colardo Hopper; and in memory of Bernard Leonard Colardo–“Pop Pop.”

Dick & Diane Hucke, in honor of Nicole, James, Brianna & Evan Hucke; and in honor of Christine, Christopher & Corbin Snavely.

Doug, Ashley and Rusty Hunt, in memory of Patsy Cameron Hunt, loving wife and mother.

Doug Hunt, in memory of Dr. R. Fred Hunt & Eleanor Kersh Hunt.

Patsy C. Hunt, in memory of William W. Cameron & Ruby King Cameron.

Kirsten Ioos, in memory of Keith McBride—He Loved & Was Loved.

Sharon & Jim Irby, in honor of Shelli & Jay Irby.

Tony Ivosic, in memory of Anthony Z. Ivosic.

Augusta, Lyle & William Johnson, in honor of Betty Osborne.

Roberta Joy, in memory of her daughter, Michelle Kirk.

Howie & Brug Jung, in honor of David Speer.



Marjorie Kalcinski, in memory of Robert Kalcinski.

Barbara Kaplan, in memory of Jess Kaplan, and Al, Alan & Susan Carpentieri

Peter & Nancy Kasbohm, in memory of Grace Gutierrez-Kasbohm.

Dee Kazmierczak, in memory of her husband, Bernard Kazmierczak; and in memory of her mother, Valaria Rose.

Her daughter, Linda Kellogg & family, in memory of Helen S. Kerns.

Ed & Carolyn Kerber, in memory of Morris Sanford.

Dr. Tiffany Kershner, in memory of Brenda Berlitz Kershner.

Les Kimley, in memory of Jean Kimley Horn.

Pam & Les Kimley, in celebration of their family; and in honor of Frances & Earsey Marks.

Apryll Kingsbury, in memory of Ed & Myrna Waters.

Her Husband, Children, and Grandchildren, in loving memory of Charlotte S. Klingborg.

Alan & Elizabeth McHone Knight, and Worth, Reece, and Payne Knight, in memory of Alonza J. McHone.

Alan & Liz Knight, in memory of Mr. & Mrs. Richard Knight, and Carolyn McHone Worthington.

Eric, Diane, & Allie Koehler, in memory of Nicholas Koehler—Forever Loved.

Anna Kosak, Sarah Calvert & Melissa Hallman, in honor of Pat & Roger Kosak—we love you.

Frances & Ted Kunstling, in memory of Richard Wade Kunstling.

Brian & Monica Ladd, in memory of Elena J. Castilla; and in memory of Pearl & Clay Ladd, and Gaylord Cullop.

John Laurel, in memory of Karen L. Laurel.

Mr. & Mrs. Wayman D. Leftwich

Joe & Ginny LePochat, in memory of Yves LePochat and William C. Teugh;

and in memory of Laura M. Teugh & Thomas W. Teugh.

Lew & Lee Lewis, in honor of the Goodwill Sunday School Class.

Mike & LaDonna Lindgren, in memory of Virgie Lindgren.

Illuminate and Handful of Praise, in memory of Betty & Edwin Link.

Lorrie Lane and family, in memory of Betty Link.

Little Lambs Learning Center staff, in memory of Laurie Petty Scott’s mother, Nancy Petty.

Eric & Beth Ludwig, in memory of Harold & Tina Ludwig; and in memory of Sam B. Andrews.

Patrick & Sharon Madigan, in celebration of the desire of their hearts 7-7-7.

Sharon Phillips Madigan, in memory of Grandma & Granddaddy Edwards, Robert

Geoffrey Snyder, Crystal Lynn Phillips, and Jamie & Kim, touched by Him. 

James & Nan Mason, in honor of Caroline and Jamie.

Frank Mazza and daughters, Jennifer, Christa and Colleen, in memory of Patricia Diane Mazza.

Mike & Beth McAllister, in honor of Alice Daniel Tuttle.

Debbie McClearen, in celebration of her family.

Betty McCoy, in memory of Frank McCoy.

Jennifer, Fran & Meredith McLean, in memory of “Papa” (Turner M. Williams, Jr.).

Brenda & Jerry McLean, in memory of Turner Williams and Joe Trollinger.

Tim & Karen McWilliams, in honor of their grandparents and in celebration of their family.

Bill & Diane Miller, in memory of Scott & Brian Miller.

Ellender Mills, in memory of her husband, Gerald Mills.

The Minehart family, in memory of Donald, Bette & Curtis Minehart.

Cletha Miner, in memory of Cletis Crossland.

Susan Mitchell, in memory of Virginia & Bill Mitchell, Jr.

Chris, Rebecca, Grace, Caden and Riley Mitchell, in memory of Carolyn Mitchell.

Nelle & Bob Moseley, in honor of their children and grandchildren.

Jacqueline Mosher & her daughter Jane, in memory of Howd E. Mosher.

Eual & Karen Moss, in celebration of their family.

Amanda Mueller, in memory of Reginald H. McKenney.

Van & Niki Murray, in honor of Ashley Kaitlyn Murray.

The New Friendship Sunday School Class, in celebration of their class.

The Sara Nichols family, to the Glory of God, and in celebration of her family.

Jean Nipper and family, in memory of Curtis Nipper.

NRUMC Children’s Council, in honor of all the Vacation Bible School volunteers.

The NRUMC Music Ministry, in memory of Christopher Groom.

The Orcutt and Vick families, in memory of Howard & Ginger Edwards, “E-Paw” & “Gin-Gin.”

Betty Osborne, in honor of Augusta, Bo, Lyle & William.

Tim & Amber Osiecki, in memory of John “Jack” Horner

Bill Otten, Alice Albert, Linda Fitch & Betsy Fersla, in honor of Carol & Dick Otten.

Sue Pak, in honor of Muriel Chatterton.

Beth, Joe and Andy, in memory of Joe Pitts Patton.

Debbie, Hayden & Tyler Pauls, in memory of Cletis Crossland.

Anne Peacock, in celebration of Ben & Ryan Ceplecha.

Don & Eileen Peck, in celebration of their family.

Roger & Elaine Peck, in memory of Wayne & Helen Peck; and in memory of

Benjamin Storrs, and in honor of Winifred Storrs.

Charlie & Becky Peters, in honor of Lauren & Mackenzie Easters.

Joyce & Pete Peters, in honor of Dylan Cole Peters, Olivia Shae Peters & William

Cameron Peters. (Not shown since 2014)

Dick & Nancy Petty, in celebration of their family; the Murphy family; the Scott family;the Shearin family; and the VanHall family.

Laura Pugh, in memory of Samuel F. Hauser.

Jeff & Frances Ratliff, in memory of Bob Ratliff.

Karen Reardon, in honor of Norma Johnson.

Jonathan & Chantal Register, in memory of Keith Register.

The Reid family, in memory of Reid, Shima, & Eschen family members.

Carol Roberts, in memory of Alyce Huber.

Sue Ellen, Alex, Adam & Kate Rosen, in celebration of their family.

Alex & Sue Ellen Rosen, in honor of Kate & James Marvin, Annabelle, Maya Grace & Jamie 

Sue Ellen & Alex Rosen in Honor of Isla Wren, Michelle & Adam Rosen

Jim Rutherford, in memory of Doris Barksdale.

Jim & Leslie Rutherford, in memory of Dickie Britt.

Cristin Santana, in memory of Dennis H. Jones.

Rob & Diane Schabinger, in memory of Wylie & Robyn Green.

Lori Seamen, in celebration of her family.

Lou & Lynn Sefranek, in honor of Wyatt Sefranek and Wayne & Sharon Gaudette.

Tom & Darla Skelton, in honor of Marie Rose, Darla’s mother; in honor of Elise Marie Scislowicz; and in honor of Logan Harmer.

The Sharpe family, in memory of Paul & Lois Sharpe.

Lorrie, Jami, Karen, Karyn, and Cindy, in memory of Bonner Mayo Smith, III.

Ed & Polly Smith, in memory of Wade Louis Smith.

Polly Smith, in memory of Edward Lee Smith.

The Sonrise Class, dedicated to a Glorious Sonrise! 

Kevin & Lucy Sook, in memory of Dennis Gregory Garraway.

Susan Sorrells, in memory of Julie Sorrells Timmons.

Joe & Beverly Steele, in celebration of their family.

Mr. & Mrs. Elmore C. Stott, in celebration of their family.

Ginny Stephens, in memory of Julia Mae and Orlow Hays, Leo & Jane Stephens, and Roberta & Edward Nern.

Scott & Janet Striegel, in memory of our loved ones.

Ray & Martha Taylor, in honor of their granddaughters, Darby & Cameron Taylor and Lillian Piper Cook.

Jay, Brenda, Jana & Jayson Teagle, in memory of Nelson & Nancy Braddy.

Stan & Bobbie Terrill, in memory of Johnny Wayne Dean.

Erv & Sue Thompson, in honor of their grandchildren and in memory of Eugene & Rosabet Thompson.

Annette and Jack Truex, in memory of C. Paul Nixon and Barb & Darrell Truex.

Curt & Kathy Twiddy, in celebration of their children.

The United Methodist Men

Ed & Dottie Valentine, in honor of Lori Ann Valentine.

David & Cindy Wagner family, in memory of Cameron Lloyd Wagner.

Dick & Jane Walker and family, in memory of Del & Ormi Walker and George & Anne Cox.

The Wall family, in celebration of their family.

Debbie & Johnny Watkins, in memory of John Nay; and in memory of Mandy Elam.

D.F. Weir, in honor of Fred & Deborah Weir and their family.

Wednesday Morning Bible Study, in memory of Dan German.

Dave Westfall, Keith & Wanda Dixon, in memory of Connie Westfall.

The Wednesday Morning Bible Study, in memory of Walt Whitaker.

Buddy and Molly Wilder, in memory of Renee M. Wilder, loving wife and mother.

Andrea, Charlie & Matthew Wilkins, in memory of Ingrid Burgbacher and Mary & Clyde Wilkins.

Kristen Ziller and Traci Highsmith, in memory of Gerald & Marian Matthews.