Together, we can make a big impact on our community and the world.


The Gift & The Vision

North Raleigh United Methodist Church (NRUMC) has received a two-million-dollar gift ($2,000,000). The vision behind this generous gift is for NRUMC to boldly do more in the name of Christ to serve those less fortunate, to lift up our neighbors near and far, to feed more of the hungry, to shelter more of the homeless, and to provide comfort and care to more of the sick and desperate. The dream is for this gift to help make the next 5+ years some of the most radiating, impactful, and joyous in NRUMC’s already blessed history. Consistent with this vision, this gift will be used exclusively for mission and service to the needy in our local community and around the world.


Below you will find information about our current sponsored missions, as well as a calendar of events where you can get involved! Updates on the progress of all missions are sent frequently in our weekly newsletter email, the Seven Day Snapshot, which you can receive by visiting

Current Sponsored Missions

In our work with Habitat for Humanity, we will be building a house and making major repairs on 4-5 other houses in desperate need of repairs for our older and less fortunate neighbors. Habitat for Humanity has a goal of addressing the affordable housing crisis in Wake County, where one out of four people are cost-burdened, leaving them insufficient funds for health care, childcare, education, and transportation. Learn more about Habitat for Humanity and sign up for our build dates by clicking HERE.


The photos below are of the Home Preservation Project with Habitat from April 2023.

The Inter-Faith Food Shuttle addresses elevated food insecurity across communities, and strives to distribute food to children, families, and seniors in need of aid. NRUMC will be helping them provide 10 million pounds of food to over 200,000 people. You can read more about the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle by clicking HERE.

The Green Chair Project provides furnishing services to households in need, including living, dining, kitchen, and bedroom furniture. Those who are experiencing the challenges of poverty along with the rising costs of living in the area often lack monies to meet basic needs, including furnishing their homes. NRUMC will support the effort in providing essential home furnishings and new bedding for over 100 families and refugees. Learn more about The Green Chair Project by clicking HERE.


The photos below are of a recent service day with the Green Chair Project.

Haven House helps youth under age 24 who are at risk of or experiencing homelessness. We will be working closely with them to help end youth homelessness by providing shelter and transitional housing for teenage mothers, as well as providing life skill training, clothing, food, and hygiene kits for over 600 homeless youths. Learn more about Haven House by clicking HERE.

Ways to Get Involved

Disbursing the Gift

This gift has been placed in a separate fund, where it will be managed until the fund has been completely disbursed (expected to be 5-7 years). Starting on January 1, 2023, $100,000 per quarter will be made available from the fund to serve those in need. A NRUMC committee (the Blessing Initiative Committee) has been formed to manage the disbursement of the $100,000 each quarter.

Disbursement Criteria & Guidelines

It will be the responsibility of The Blessing Initiative Committee to (a) evaluate requests for disbursements; (b) determine the recipients of Blessing Initiative funding; and (c) determine the timing of the disbursements. The disbursement of funds each quarter will be determined using the following criteria and guiding principles:

  • • Help for the Needy. Each and every initiative that is chosen for funding will be for the uplifting of the needy and less fortunate.
  • • Participation by NRUMC Members. Where possible, preference will be given to fund initiatives that are accompanied by significant participation by members of NRUMC. For example, an initiative that mobilizes various groups within NRUMC to work together with funding from the Blessing Initiative to create extraordinary impact, perhaps centered around a particular theme (e.g., hunger relief).
  • • Big and Bold. It is the vision that NRUMC should not hesitate to use the Blessing Initiative to be bold and go big, so preference will be given to funding a small number of initiatives each quarter that have significant impact rather than funding a large number of initiatives which have less impact (that is, we will avoid funding 100 small things in favor of one or two big, highly impactful initiatives each quarter).
  • • Minimum Funding Amount. To facilitate going big and bold with the funding from the Blessing Initiative, there will be a minimum funding amount of $20,000.00 per funding grant. However, the ideal/target level of funding is $50,000 per funding grant, although consideration will be given smaller requests for highly-qualified initiativies that fully meet the other criteria listed here.
  • • Impactful. Creativity of how to use the funds that will have the most significant impact will be encouraged. With that in mind, using funding to facilitate bigger, more impactful versions of existing programs at NRUMC and in the community will be considered, but new, different, and highly impactful initiatives will also be given consideration. An initiative’s impact in terms of the initiative’s sustainability (thus, creating a lasting impact) and the initiative’s ability to address root causes of need, and not just the effects, will be considered in funding decisions.
  • Quarterly Focus. The intention will be that, to the extent possible, most of $100,000 will be distributed each quarter and will be spent within that quarter. However, multi-quarter and multiyear initiatives with quarterly funding needs are eligible for consideration if the initiative otherwise meets these criteria (e.g., substantial impact to those in need).
  • Collaboration Creating Amplified Impact. Funding need not be used solely by NRUMC. For example, an initiative might involve NRUMC working together with other local churches or other organizations to raise money or provide services for a specific cause, thereby amplifying the impact of these initiatives through Blessing Initiative funding.
  • Growing Our Community of Faith. Although not the primary goal of the Blessing Initiative, it is hoped that the Blessing Initiative may also, at times, be a vehicle to introduce people to NRUMC who ultimately decide to join our community of faith, thereby increasing NRUMC’s ability to continue to impact individuals, our local community, and the world.