JOY Senior Adult Ministry at NRUMC

What is JOY?

JOY is JUST OLDER YOUTH, a group sharing Christian love, fellowship and support to older adults at NRUM church and to the community. JOY is a senior adult program for anyone ages 55 and older who enjoys the fellowship of meeting and going places together. Annual dues ($10) are used to support mission and community outreach activities.


Activities include regular scheduled meetings as well as outings such as theatre productions, boat trips, museum tours and more throughout the year. Typically day trips with optional transportation provided; however, some overnight trips may be offered based upon interest and availability.


Regular Meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday with catered lunch ($12) featuring guest speakers, musical programs, etc. 

Game Day is on the 3rd Wednesday, members enjoy playing games followed by lunch (bring your own salad/sandwich - dessert/drinks are provided). 

Lunch out is on the 4th Wednesday of each month our group offers our members the opportunity to eat lunch out together at a local restaurant.


For more information contact JOY President Jean Weikel  or Vice President Claudine Davis using the form at the bottom of this page.

Upcoming Joy Info!

New to Joy? For privacy, security, and spam prevention we don't openly list contact info here.  If you don't have contact info for any of the named people, you're welcomed to call the Church office, use the member directory, or use the form below and we will get you connected to the right people to RSVP! 

2nd Wednesday Monthly Lunch Meeting: 11:00 am on June 12 at NRUMC Fellowship Hall. Guest speaker will be Lisa Levine, Director of Dementia Alliance NC presenting “What’s OK and What’s Not - Healthy Awareness & Preventative Activities. Devotions and catered lunch by SDB Catering: pork loin, scalloped potatoes, squash, sautéed spinach, roll, beverage and dessert ($12 per person) will follow the program. Make reservations by noon on Friday, June 7 to Pat Kosak.


3rd Wednesday JOY Game Day meets at 11:00 am meets in the NRUMC Fellowship Hall. Want to play bridge, scrabble, rummikub, cornhole, bingo and more games with old and new friends? Bring your game or use ours. Guests are welcome.  Help us plan for set-up by contacting Sue Naylor by Noon on Monday prior to the June 19 Game Day. Please bring a sandwich/salad for your lunch. Desserts and beverages will be provided.


4th Wednesday JOY Lunch Out meets at 11:30 am at a local restaurant. Enjoy group fellowship at a day out for lunch. Individual orders from menu paid by attendee.

  *June 26 Milton’s Pizza & Pasta, Six Forks Station Shopping Center, 8863 Six Forks Road at intersection of Strickland Road. If you have not already made you reservation, please email or call Claudine Davis by 12 Noon on Monday prior to 12 Noon on Monday, June 24.  


TEMPLE THEATRE TRIP - Sanford, NC Shows will begin in September with the theatre’s new production season. Contact Shirley Jones for more information.

Want to know more about JOY?

For more information contact JOY President Jean Weikel  or Vice President Claudine Davis using the form here!