Why Become a Member?

One of the main pillars of the United Methodist Church is connection through ministry. We believe that connection is what strengthens us to be the church in the world. Through church membership, you are connected to a local church family as well as a global church where everyone has pledged to serve God, care for one another, and share in ministry in the name of Jesus through our prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness.


Considering Membership?

We would be honored to share our discipleship journey with you through NRUMC. If you would like to know more about membership, please reach out to one of our pastors or email and we will help get you started. Welcome!


As part of becoming a new member, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the history of the church, including Untited Methodism and North Raleigh United Methodist specifcially. Below you will find the first steps in learning more. There are four new member videos: a short introduction, Session 1, Session 2, and Session 3. The final session, Session 4, will take place on zoom as you get a chance to talk with the pastors about things you have learned and ask any questions you may have.  At anytime, email Lisa at and she can get you any information you may need or get you in touch with a pastor if you would like. Welcome to the membership journey, we are so glad you are here.


    Members’ Dashboard

    The Member’s Dashboard is a great for members to stay connected. You will find directories and other resources. To help protect privacy, the Dashboard is password protected. If you are a member and need the password, just email us at and we will happily get that to you. To log into the Dashboard, click here.

    Join Pastor Alan as he offers a brief introduction to the class sessions and welcomes you to North Raleigh!

    In Session 1, you will find Pastor Duke digging into what makes North Raleigh unique by sharing our vision, mission, and values as a congregation. You are welcome to watch this video any way that works for you. You are welcome to watch straight through or you may begin with vision, then come back to mission at 10:50, and finish with values at 22:52.

    In Session 2, Pastor Alan guides us through church history. Part 1 focuses on the beginning of Christianity through the Reformation. Part 2 focuses specifically on the history of United Methodism. Feel free to take as many breaks as you need, part two begins at 23:47

    There are two charts that Pastor Alan explains in the video, if you would like to look at them more closely, just click on them below.

    Historical Divisions in the Christian Church (Blue Chart)

    The Formation of The United Methodist Church (Purple Chart) 

    In Session 3, join Pastor Ashley as she discusses what United Methodists believe about God and the work of the church. We begin with theology (the study of the nature of God) and then move to polity (how we are organized) at 17:49.

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