Resources for Spiritual & Mental Health

Spiritual and Mental Health in a Time of Pandemic

This past year has been difficult for each of us: not just for those on the “front lines,” and for those battling COVID, but also for those of us staying at home, caring for children and elderly family members, and especially for those of us who are older adults. Fear and anxiety are real. Loneliness is real. Exhaustion is real.

The Adult Discipleship Team has assembled a list of resources for you that explore the potential impacts of the pandemic on spiritual and mental health, and also on tangible ways to care for yourself. Remember: caring for yourself is not selfish, but stewardship of your whole self — mind, body, and spirit. (This is discipleship!) We are not just spiritual beings, rather we dwell in bodies. Connection to God and to one another is critical, and we have been deprived of the latter for almost a year.

Prayer is helpful, yes. But also, God gives us “tools” to help us through times such as these.

To find a small group community, click HERE or contact Ashley Will.

If you would like to speak to someone one-on-one, we have trained Christian caregivers called Stephen Ministers who are ready to listen. You may opt to be placed with someone from NRUMC, or another local congregation for more anonymity. Contact Ashley Will to learn more.

We also recommend therapists and pastoral counselors as tools for healing and wholeness. One resource is Triangle Pastoral Counseling. Another, Spiritual Directors, can also help you discern God’s work in your life.

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To learn more about how you are not alone in what you’re experiencing, along with tangible resources for your health, see below:

1. “Combating an Epidemic of Loneliness”

2. “Coping with Stress” (From the CDC)

3. “Care For Yourself One Small Way Each Day” (From the CDC)

4. Mental Health as an issue in 2021

5. COVID’s effect on spiritual wellbeing

6. Collective trauma from COVID-19



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