Small Groups & Studies

Small groups and studies are a wonderful way to connect with one another. Each page has a sign up link at the top, but if you already know your group, click here to sign up!

NEW- LIfe Groups

Now, more than ever, we need community and connection.  Click here to learn about a NEW way that we can stay connected to God and the Church even while we are not worshiping together and gathering in large groups.  
Life groups are small groups of people who covenant to journey together through a season of life, help one another grow in holiness of heart and life, and equip one another to participate in God‘s mission in the world. Group members attend to the ways that God is at work in their lives, agreeing to do all in their power to help one another grow in faith, hope, and love.  

Ongoing Groups/Studies

Check out all the groups that meet all throughout the year or at least per school year by clicking here. The specific content may change, but the group of people learns from one another while on their faith journey together. These small groups are a great choice if you are looking for a group to connect with while choosing study materials as you go. 

Winter & Spring Groups/Studies

Click here to browse all the studies or groups that are just meeting sometime January through May. Each study or group is focused around a specific topic or text. They give you a wonderful opportunity to meet other people in the church that may have similar intrest and are a great choice if you are looking for a specific topic or like the idea of a shorter term commitment.  

The Disciple’s Pathway

NRUMC welcomes everyone! Whether attending for the first time or a life-long member, know this is a caring environment to experience God’s love and grace. John Wesley, one of the founders of the Methodist movement, believed faith is a lifetime of following Jesus, guided by the Holy Spirit and lived out through practice as we continue to grow in grace. Wesley promoted “tried and true” methods for spiritual growth such as reading Scripture, praying, worshiping, gathering in small groups, serving, and giving.

We at NRUMC pray this Discipleship Pathway helps you develop a means for growing in faith as you follow Jesus. Take some time to explore possibilities and to pray for a deeper walk with God. We are here to help and encourage all by providing opportunities for growth so that God’s Spirit can work! For more information, take a look at the “Let’s Grow Together Chart” on this page and check out the variety of small groups and studies available below.

 For more information about these offerings or if you are interested in starting your own, email Ashley Will or call her at 919-847-1536 x114. If you are interested in studying more on your own or checking out books and resources for a small group, click here for more information about our NRUMC in house library.

Have questions or need some guidance? Email any of our pastors: Senior Pastor Duke Lackey, Associate Pastor Ashley Will, or Executive Pastor Alan Felton.


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