Vision 2030

We embarked on our five-year vision in 2019. Based upon your dreams for the future of NRUMC, we established pillars for moving forward: Engagement, Worship & Service, and Investment. We developed a timeline and established key milestones to monitor our progress. In 2020, Covid appeared and many plans for everyone were abandoned or significantly disrupted. We certainly felt impacts here, but our church persevered and achieved several milestones we had established. Lesson learned – be flexible and resourceful. 

As the NRUMC regathering effort began, the Long-Range Planning Committee again polled the congregation and tried to analyze the changes resulting from the pandemic. The upheaval has been significant, and changes are still being resolved. However, we agreed that our pillars remain the same and we set 2030 as a new planning horizon. The picture to the left is a reminder of those pillars. The timeline above depicts the timeline for a few of the updated milestones. 

In our future, we will continue to “care for our flock” to assure that we meet the spiritual and fellowship needs of our church membership. We need to intentionally seek to serve all generations, from youth to seniors. And recognize that many people today do not attend church on Sunday and fulfill their spiritual need and willingness for service outside of the church campus. Our goal is to meet them where they are. The recently announced Blessing Initiative puts that effort into full focus. In all cases, we strive to be adaptable/flexible and persevere without being afraid to fail. We need to receive and honor the ideas of others and sometimes, agree to disagree. 


Rick Emerick & Long Range Planning Team

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